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Functional Nutrition Restores Health

Food nourishes and energizes our body. Functional nutrition therapy concentrates on finding and addressing root causes of your symptoms or health condition by utilizing the proper food for your body’s specific needs. We start by addressing digestive imbalance –  one of the core foundations of immune and overall health.

We understand and operate under the guiding principle  that individuals vary as to the imbalances that may be occurring within their body. Our nutritional therapy programs seek to identify the underlying system imbalances and improper dietary choices in order to rebuild or restore them with the proper nutrients. We incorporate an 8 step digestive program however some people have been able to eliminate symptoms at steps one or two.

Nutrition is an important piece to all detoxification programs as your body needs specific dietary enzymes in order to properly eliminate toxins. This is an especially important piece of infrared sauna therapy.

Examples of imbalances addressed by Nutritional Therapy include:

  • Inflammation
  • Hormones
  • Digestive and Microbial factors
  • Varying levels and types of toxicity

Chronic Issues Addressed With Nutritional Therapy

  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Autoimmune issues 

Single Sessions

Comprehensive nutrition consultation

 All services begin with this 90-minute initial interview where we address your health concerns, medical/family history, current medications, detailed symptom information, assessment results, and food journal. We will work together to design a personalized dietary and lifestyle protocol that addresses your health concerns and moves you toward your health goals

$150 {membership price $135}

Follow up Sessions

In our follow up sessions, we will review progress, conduct any reassessments as needed, adjust your dietary plan if needed, and update your personalized plan.

$55 {membership price $49.50}

Follow up
Session packages

Follow up session packages are available at a reduced rate of $180 for 4 sessions or $320 for 8 sessions.

(membership discounts apply)

* Promotional value expires 120 days after purchase. May be repurchased after expiration. All services must be used by the same person.

Valid only for option purchased.

Comprehensive Programs

These programs allow us to work together more intensively to help you make forward, focused progress toward your health goals. 



Anyone looking to kick the sugar habit in order to boost their immune system, increase their energy and lose weight.


This simple, powerful 5-week, small group program focuses on REAL FOOD. There are no pills, powders or pre-packaged food to buy. Your RESTART® instructor is trained in holistic nutrition and is qualified to lead you through this proven program. You do not have to figure it our by yourself and perfection is never required. 

This is not a promise of a quick fix. RESTART® is a personal journey of self-discovery with tools you can use for a lifetime. See for your self how RESTART® has changed the lives of thousands of participants around the world.


  • WEEK 1: How to prepare for your REAL FOOD sugar detox
  • WEEK 2: Your digestive check in
  • WEEK 3: What sugar really does in your body
  • WEEK 4: The truth about FATS
  • WEEK 5: How to move forward and celebrate your success!

$199 {membership price $179}

(Includes weekly educational materials, one complimentary nutritional assessment, RESTART® cookbook, email support between sessions, access to private Facebook group and $50 coupon towards a Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment)  



People who need a more all-inclusive approach to detoxification including but not limited to those suffering from autoimmune issues, military veterans,  firefighters, people suffering from chronic pain and those recovering from cancer.


This 3 month program is designed to optimize a therapeutic lifestyle. We accomplish this through personalized nutrition protocols, foundational digestive intervention, guidance for creating a non-toxic home environment and weekly infrared sauna sessions. We will identify and create a plan for addressing nutritional imbalances and deficiencies to strengthen your immune system and support a healthy detoxification. 

This package includes the Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation with four follow up sessions, two weekly infrared sauna sessions (up to 24 sessions), discounts on non-toxic personal care and home products, as well as phone and email support.


(Can be broken into 3 monthly payments of $250 – membership discounts apply)

5 basic steps in a food elimination Program

Before we begin, let’s be clear, there is no magic diet that works for everyone. However, whole food elimination programs can be an excellent choice for anyone struggling with an inflammatory condition or even vague symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, joint pain and irritability. 

A whole food elimination program works because it focuses on healthy, whole foods while reducing the number of problem foods that can cause inflammation and immune reactions. The best way to find out if an elimination program works for you is to try it for 2-3 weeks.  


Dairy products are, unfortunately, thought in many circles to cause inflammation(1). The problem with most dairy is the conventional farming methods used to obtain it. Most dairy cows are feed with grains, antibiotics, and toxins instead of grass. This can lead to an inflammatory response if you have sensitivities. Our systems are intelligently sensitive and appropriately react to large proteins, and unfamiliar chemicals. So yes, eliminating dairy as part of a first step elimination is essential. After a while, once your system has healed from years of exposure to dairy-containing foods; grass-fed cheese, butter, or yogurt may be tolerated. But first it is recommended you take some time to let your system rest.


Beans do contain a lot of fiber and protein however; they also contain a host of inflammatory-causing components as well. Phytic acid, a chemical prolific in legumes, can block the absorption of nutrients in your intestinal tract(2). In that sense, it is considered an “anti-nutrient”(6). Also, the lectin contained in legumes can irritate the gut and potentially lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome(3).


Many people associate the keto and paleo lifestyle with loads of bacon and beef. A whole food lifestyle embraces organic vegetables and fruit just as much as lean, well-sourced protein. Your plate should be 2/3rds fresh vegetables, and a 4-6 ounce portion of animal protein.


This is probably the most difficult change for many people on an elimination plan; however, the whole-food blogger community has done an excellent job incorporating almond and coconut flour into grain-containing products to which you have been accustomed. But be careful. Transitioning to a whole food diet is not about mimicking your old diet by replacing favorite food items with more-acceptable foods. It is about transitioning to a plate with unrefined and unprocessed whole foods. These acceptable flours are still processed, so use them in moderation


Sugar is refined, often genetically modified, and highly inflammatory(4). Sugar has also potentially been linked to obesity, diabetes, and cancer. I know most people are aware of these factors, but it is worth a mention because not only do you need to give up refined and artificial sugars, you also need to take a look at how much sweetener is in your diet as a whole. While honey, maple syrup, stevia and palm sugar, are on the thumbs up list, it is still recommended to keep them to a minimum.